AvatorPro V2.2 Support Added MTK6771/6765 , Meta Mode factor

What's new in this release:   

  • MTK 6771 Added support
  • MTK 6765 Added support
  • Oppo R15 MTK6771 Read/Write/Format/ Bypass Screenlocks Added
  • MTK New Factory Reset For android Phones In Meta Mode added
  • MTK6763/6765/6771 Meta Mode Supported
  • EMI Internal DB Updated
  • Custom DA Protrools Improved
  • Fixed Reported Bugs and Gui Fixs
    Stay tuned for more updates!

Avator Pro Support Features

  • Read Complete Inforation
  • Read Full Firmare
  • Read Factory Firmware
  • Write Firmware
  • Read Custom Partition
  • Write Custom Partition
  • Erase Custom pariition
  • Format/ Reset Complete Phone
  • Reset FRP (Factory Reset ProTection)
  • Repair Security
  • Read/Write QCN
  • Read/Write/Reset EFS
  • Reset Security Codes
  • Read PhoneBook
  • Read Image/videos

Supported Features


MT6797T - Helio X25 MT6797 - Helio X20 MT6795 – Helio X10
MT6771* - Helio P60 MT6763T - Helio P23 MT6763
MT6758 MT6757CD - Helio P25 MT6757 - Helio P20
MT6755 - Helio P10 MT6753 MT6737


SC9850* SC9832A SC9830
SC9820 SC8830 SC8810
SC7731 SC7731G SC7730
SC7715 SC6825 SC6531


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