AvatorPro MediaTek Devices & Supported Featutes



MT6797T - Helio X25 MT6797 - Helio X20 MT6795 - Helio X10 MT6771*-Helio P60 MT6763T-Helio P23
MT6763 MT6758 MT6757CD - Helio P25 MT6757 - Helio P20 MT6755T* - Helio P10
MT6755  - Helio P10 MT6752 MT6750/A MT6737T MT6737M
MT6737 MT6735M MT6735 MT6732 MT6595
MT6592 MT6589 MT6583 MT6582 MT6580 
MT6577 MT6575 MT6573 MT6572 MT6571 
MT6570 MT8783 MT8752 MT8735  MT8389
MT8382 MT8321 MT8312 MT8163 MT8127

Support Features

  • Read Information
  • Read information Including HW/SW Version
  • Read Full Firmware
  • Read Factory Scatter Firmware
  • Read Any Partition From Firmware
  • Write Any Partition From Firmware
  • Write Full Firmware
  • Write Factory Firmware
  • Partition Tool for Professional users
  • Format Factory mode
  • Read NVData
  • Write NVdata
  • Format/erase Any Partition
  • Format/reset all settings
  • Repair Security by AT Mode
  • Repair Security by Meta Mode
  • Repair Security by Flash Mode Mode
  • Read Patter lock
  • Remove patten lock
  • Reset Phone user Locks
  • Reset Filesystem
  • Reset FRP (Factory Reset Protection)
  • Reset Gmail Account
  • Read PhoneBook * Unencrypted Phone
  • Backup Images * Unencrypted Phone
  • Backup Videos * Unencrypted Phone


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